Abuses in Ukrainian church

IT IS NOT without true regret that I fulfill my duty to call your most Reverend Excellency’s attention to the shortcomings and. the abuses that have been happening in the Ukrainian eparchy for quite some time and greatly preoccupy the Holy See.

  1. A certain number of priests, ordained illicite et in fraudem legis (Latin for illicit and in defiance of the law), for which they have been suspended a Divinis ipso juris (Latin for by the divine law itself), continue to celebrate mass and carry out the pastoral ministry to the great scandal of the faithful. I ask Your Excellency to present to this Holy Ministry a list of all these priests — together with the exact information of when, where and by whom they have been ordained and if they have incurred some irregularities before or after their ordination to the priesthood. It is understood that they cannot carry on the sacred ministry until absolved from the suspension.
  2. As regards the question of the Ukraine patriarchy, I am certain that Your Excellency will not fail to comply with the decisions and instructions from the Holy See which are based on the norms of the Vatican Ecumenical Council II and on the dispositions of the Summa Pontificate (the papacy). A different behavior from Your Excellency in this matter, at such a delicate moment, would gravely upset many of the faithful and do serious damage to the Ukrainian church, especially the one in the Fatherland.
  3. Among the Ukrainian clergy of the eparchy, a certain dissatisfaction is spreading because of the lack of discipline and spiritual life, giving rise to a pseudo-patriotism, dangerous for ecclesiastical life. The duty of Your Excellency as a good shepherd, is to reestablish peace and harmony with the aid of Our Lord, Christ.


Cardinal Myroslaw Marusyn
Cardinal Wtadisiaw Rubin