Lift up your eyes and see

The letter of Vasyl Borecky in answer to Vasyl Markus’ letter in a recent issue of «Tablet» elicits just one comment: «Lift up your eyes and see.» In the March-April issue of «For the Patriarchate» our readers have seen an artickle by Fr. Matychak in which he summarized clearly and jbjectively the issues touched upon by Vasyl Borecky. We are now reprinting both letters — Vasyl Markus’ and Vasyl Borecky’s. Readers can draw their own conclusions. We are also reprinting a letter from Timothy Dufort on the question of authority in the Church, to show how a non-Ukrainian perceives the rights of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

This whole unfortunate controversy calls for a few comments. It is a shame that Mr. Borecky, preceeded by Bishop Hornyak’s chancery office, chose the pages of an English language newspaper as a forum to deny the historic rights of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Mr. Borecry goes further by quoting certain conciliar decrees, but only those that serve his purpose.

Patriarch Josyf is trying on one hand to provide the faithful in Great Britain with the pastoral care which Bishop Hornyak denied them, and on the other, to make sure that the Ukrainian Catholic Church keeps Its rights within the universal Church. Instead of supporting this position, Mr. Borecky questions the Patriarch’s jurisdiction. If he took the trouble to learn the definition prerogatives and obligations of the title «Archbishop-Major», he would not talk about jurisdiction.

The problem is, that Bishop Hornyak and his followers are not really interested in Christion virtues and charity, in spiritual and pastoral care — they are only interested in implementing all the dictated of the Vatican which at present is pursuing a dialogue with the devil…

In his letter Vasyl Borecky does not care to divulge that Bishop Hornyak is the only Ukrainian bishop that explicitly fobade to mention the name of Archbishop-Major as Patriarch and that he did not hesitate to banish two of his priests, Fr. Matychak and Fr. Muzychka, for doing so and thus leave two parishe without pastoral care. Can anyone be convinced that this act was dictated by Christian charity? No, Bishop Hornyak and his followers are not interested in spiritual matters — they obsessed only with worldly ones — who has the right to dictate, to command.

One is reminded of an incident from early Church history. Apostles Peter and Paul were engaged in a heated argument. Peter insisted that only those that have been circumdzed can be Christ’s followers. Paul denied this. He believed that Christ died for the salvation of all men. After a lengthy, angry discussion St. Peter submiteted to the arguments of St. Paul. To apply this incident to our present situation — is to see that not everything that emanates from the Vatican is the holv truth.

What Bishop Hornyak is doing today is certainly not strengthening the Ukrainian Catholic Church. 30 years ago our Church was liquidated in Ukraine, and today Bishop Hornyak and his followers are helping to liquidate our Church in the diaspora.

It is inconceivable that Bishop Hornyak and his followers do not declare themselves for the Ukrainian Patriarchate which today is a «fait accompli.» Obviously Moscow does not want to acknowledge the existence of the Ukrainian Patriarchate and voices its denial through the mouth of Vatican. But we will not accept this in silence. We could wait in vain for centuries, for the Vatican will not create a Patriarchate for us. We have to do it ourselves. We have done so. Let us unite and support the existing Ukrainian Patriarchate and Patriarch Josyf I. Please write to Bishop Hornyak and ask him to stop harming the Ukrainian Catholic Church and to stop denying Its historical rights.

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