Vatican Letter Criticizes Toronto Ukrainian Catholics

Fragments only

Catholic New Times, Toronto, Op
9 December 1984

by Grant Jahnke

Ukrainian Catholic bishops from seven countries including Canada deny knowledge of a “secret” statement by the Vatican which said Ukrainian Catholic married clergy ordained since 1963 are to be suspended and that their leader can no longer be called “patriarch”…

“Therefore, today,” the testament reads, “when we have seen the secret documentation concerning contacts between the Roman See and the Patriarch of Moscow, these documents which are, if you will, a death sentence tor our Ukrainian church as being a great blow to the universal Christian Church, headed by the successor to the Apostle St. Peter, I once more besch, tell and bequeath you, ray Spiritual flock…

“The relationship between Rome and the Ukrainian Catholics is a good gauge of present ecumenical possibilities,” said a Toronto priest who asked not to be named. “If the Vatican cannot even work out agreements with Ukrainian Catholics, then the discussions with the other churches have little real meaning.”